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We are responsible for the personal data collected on, and make sure that it is only used for specific purposes that are mutually agreed upon according to this policy. This policy describes how we at collect, use and protect your personal information.

What type of information do you collect about me and how do you use it?

We collect data to be able to answer your questions, fulfill requests or simply provide the marketplace service between creators and users. We do not collect more data than we need and what the specific purpose requires.

On this website we collect the following data about you.

At registration to purchase products we collect:

Your name
Billing Address

Purpose: To be able to provide you with a purchase and future downloads of the products you buy.

If you apply to become a vendor we collect:

Your name
Paypal information

Purpose: To be able to work together and make sure you have a safe environment to post your creations.

If you apply to become an affiliate we collect:

Your name
Website URL / URL of your channels
Discord ID

Purpose: To be able to work together and make sure we can easily contact you.

When you visit the website our server logs errors and logs including you IP which in some countries count as personal information, this automatically clears out every 30 days.

We ask for your consent

In order for us to access the personal information stated above, you’ve to give us, your consent through a tick box. You do this while registering for any of the account types above. To submit consent you must check the box in the application and/or registration forms.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting your account with us through the front-end user panel “Profile” (https:/ If you decide to do this, you will no longer have access to previously purchased product downloads, payments still outstanding from the affiliate program or information regarding sales that you as a vendor have done through our system.

How long do you save my information?

How long we save your info depends on the reason we collected it in the first place.

If you signed up for our newsletter, we keep your information until you ask us to remove it.

If you signed up as a normal user or purchased products, we keep your information until you decide to delete your own account with us.

If you applied and got approved for an affiliate account we keep your information until you decide to delete your account with us.

If you applied and got approved for a vendor account we keep your information until you decide to delete your account with us.

Where do you store my info?

Your information is stored in a data center within the European Union, primarily in Germany. For technical reasons our hosting supplier might need to temporarily move information outside of the EU. If this happens, they use appropriate protection measures and standardized data protection regulations approved by the European Commission.

What rights do I have?

Right to information: You can ask to get a copy of the information we have on you, contact us and we’ll help you.

Right to corrections: You can ask to have your information corrected or removed if you find it being incorrect.

Right to deletion: You have the right to have your personal information deleted from our servers. We can not delete data that is required for us to have to comply with laws. Contact us and we will help you.

Right to revoke your consent: You can withdraw your consent to us having your personal information. We can not delete data that is required for us to have to comply with laws. Contact us and we will help you.

Right to complain: If you do not think our policy is correct according to the European Commission you can complain to your local jurisdiction.


What are cookies?

Cookies are a tiny text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device (for example smartphones or tablets) through your browser. Cookies are used on many websites to give the visitor access to different functions. The information in a cookie makes it possible to track a specific users browsing of a specific website.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to make the user experience of the website better and to be able to adapt the website to your interests and needs. We also use cookies to compile statistics for how visitors use the website. Same as gathering info for affiliates.

What kind of cookies do we use?

There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file for a long time on your computer. This type is called a “persistent cookie”. It is used, for example, in functions that tell you what is new since the user last visited the current website. A “persistent cookie” is stored on your device for a longer period of time or until you delete it yourself. How long the cookie is stored on your device depends on the “lifetime” of the specific cookie. The second type of cookie is called “session cookies”. While you are browsing a page, this cookie is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, for example to keep track of the language you have selected. Session cookies are not stored for a long time on your computer, but disappear when you close your browser.

Third Party Cookies

Third party cookies means that it comes from a third party, not from us. There are suppliers of ours that can place cookies on your device.

We use third party cookies to collect data, an example of this would be Google Analytics. You can read more about this below.

Google Analytics

The statistics tool Google analytics places a cookie on your computer that collects information about how you browse our website. We use the information to see what content is popular and to improve the website. The statistics tool’s cookie does not contain any information about who you are. We can not identify you or your computer. Information collected through Google Analytics is stored by Google on their servers.

To learn more, read the Google Privacy Policy, which describes how your information is used by Google:

Google Remarketing

We use the Google Remarketing service to control remarketing ads in the Google Display Network (GDN) based on data from Google Analytics or to identify the gender and age of our visitors.


On this website there are videos that are embedded from Google's Youtube service. Youtube tracks viewing behavior through Cookies if you play videos.


The social network Facebook places cookies on your computer for, among other things, authentication against your Facebook account, advertising and statistics. You can read more about how Facebook uses cookies here:


We use Jetpack to track some analytics on the website and to be able to access visitor statistics from the official Woocommerce mobile app.

Revoke your consent

To revoke your consent, go to “My Profile” and delete your account. This will revoke access to any products you have purchased and any order history permanently.

Get PayPal to remove leaked content

Get a leak site’s Paypal blocked so they can’t receive payments

PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy forbids the use of PayPal for activities which violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation, or relate to transactions involving:

(d) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, (e) stolen goods including digital and virtual goods (h) items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy or any other proprietary right under the laws of any jurisdiction

Leak sites are in violation of all of these above terms, and if you are aware of the PayPal account being used to facilitate transactions for these leak sites, report it, so that their PayPal account will be locked and they will be unable to receive payments for leaks or ranks they may be selling on their sites, nor use the balance accumulated in their PayPal accounts to pay for hosting, domain renewals, development, and worst of all, the products belonging to other buyers/sellers, and updates to products currently being leaked on their website.

Certainly, the webmasters of these leak sites may start using a different PayPal to accept payments, however, if the new accounts are reported as soon as they are introduced, we can ensure that these leak sites never accept any significant amount of money for their theft.

You can make the report to [email protected], and they will reply within your PayPal message center. Unfortunately, you will not be informed of the results of their investigation, however, we must trust that the PayPal AUP enforcers will take action against violations presented directly in front of them.

Get a leak site’s links on Google removed

Search engines will display results related to received search queries for any website they’ve crawled. This includes leak sites, which feed off of the popularity of your product by utilizing the same key terms used to locate your resource on a legitimate site. When someone searches for your resource, unless you report the infringing link to the search engine and get it taken down, your leaked product will likely show below or even above your legitimate resource link(s) in the search results.

You absolutely must report to remove any infringing links from web browser search results from your potential buyers.

Here you can find the copyright infringement report function for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Relevant laws

Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Berne Convention, adopted in 1886, deals with the protection of works and the rights of their authors. It provides creators such as authors, musicians, poets, painters etc. with the means to control how their works are used, by whom, and on what terms. It is based on three basic principles and contains a series of provisions determining the minimum protection to be granted, as well as special provisions available to developing countries that want to make use of them.

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Copyright protects your work and stops others from using it without your permission.

You get copyright protection automatically – you don’t have to apply or pay a fee. There isn’t a register of copyright works in the UK.

You automatically get copyright protection when you create:

  • original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography
  • original non-literary written work, such as software, web content and databases
  • sound and music recordings
  • film and television recordings
  • broadcasts
  • the layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works

You can mark your work with the copyright symbol (©), your name and the year of creation. Whether you mark the work or not doesn’t affect the level of protection you have.

(GOV.UK) – UK is covered by the BERNE CONVENTION – therefore this is accurate for most countries.

Commissions and Copyright

When you ask or commission another person or organization to create a copyright work for you, the first legal owner of copyright is the person or organization that created the work and not you the commissioner, unless you otherwise agree to it in writing.

Ownership of copyright works (GOV.UK)

When work is commissioned by a client, the copyright will not belong to the client. An example of commissioned work would be that of a photographer who can retain copyright over all his photographs. Work made for hire and commissioned work are different from one another because work made for hire involves an employee and commissioned work is executed by an independent contractor. The parties can execute a written agreement clarifying if they would like the copyright to be vested in the client. In the absence of an agreement, copyright over the commissioned work would automatically vest in the independent contractor.

Commissioned Works (US Legal)

Work For Hire

If a work is made for hire, the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is the initial owner of the copyright unless both parties involved have signed an agreement to the contrary. (USA)

Work for hire ONLY applies if you are employed. If you are commissioned, you have not been employed.

Tips for Commissions: How to legally protect yourself

Even though we (DerCraft) have nothing to do with the commissions you privately make with others, we want to make sure that you have the resources in order to protect your creations and to keep you safe. Therefore please feel free to read this guide and use any of the resources we give to you.

Tip 1: Make sure your client signs an agreement with clear terms

Sometimes there can be miscommunication on what the terms of your commission are. Those could include who has the copyrights, whether it can be resold, if it can be used as an NFT, etc. This can be simply a communication error, or it could be someone trying to take advantage. So always make sure the client signs an agreement before commencing your work.

The agreement should include:

  • What services you are providing
  • Who you’re providing them to
  • The terms of payment
  • Deposit?
  • Flat fee?
  • Work by the hour?
  • When does the client need to pay?
  • Who owns the Intellectual Property?
  • Specifically mention that the IP is non-exclusive and that the Client is only purchasing the LICENSE TO USE.
  • State that you are an independent contractor, and you are not an employee of the client
  • This protects you from the argument that you did “work for hire”
  • Allowed uses. – What is the client allowed to use the end result for?
  • Details on how they can transfer the license – beware, by transferring license, you cannot dictate any terms of use or claim copyright.
  • Signatories – Make sure they sign and date the agreement.

This may all sound complicated to type up yourself, and you may not feel confident in doing it yourself. Fortunately for you, we have created a template that contains all of these and some more. Please feel free to use the template as-is or adapt it any way you like. Please note that the wording of it as-is is legally sound and does not need to be modified.

Set Fee Commission Agreement Template


Hourly Fee Commission Agreement Template


Please do not distribute these raw documents outside of the Vendor & Partner teams.

Filling out the sections of the agreement

Before sending the agreement to the client for signing, ensure you have filled out any relevant fields. This is extremely important because you cannot modify a contract after signing without a significant headache.

All the fields have been configured to be writable using common PDF viewers. Compatible PDF viewers include (but are not limited to):

Preview (MacOS – Free)

Microsoft Edge (Windows – Free)

Google Chrome (Multi-Platform – Free)

Adobe Acrobat (Multi-Platform – Paid)

Once you have edited all fields, feel free to send it to your client to sign.

Signing the document

When signing documents, it might be a good idea to use an external service. Here are some we recommend. This is not needed, but could help in the event of disputes:

  • DocuSign
  • Signable

Tip 2: Invoicing

It would be really smart to invoice your client properly. This is so that both you and the client have record of exactly what work you did and when.

PayPal and Stripe both have tools to automatically generate invoices and you can get free templates on Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Promoting on other Sites

You are allowed to post your products on how many websites you wish, although, to get access to our exclusive product benefits, you can only be posted on our website.
Failure to complain with exclusive posting after getting our benefits will result in the removal of our benefits, a possible termination of your account, and not being allowed to use our exclusive features in the future.

Site Exclusive Products

If you only allow your product to be bought and/or downloaded on DerCraft, you get some benefits. You can still showcase it elsewhere and link to the product on this website and still count as exclusive, see “General promoting from other sources” where we explain how to link from other places to here and still keep the exclusive category.

If you only allow the product to be downloaded/bought on here, please simply add the product to the category “Exclusive”. This is an honor system and if you cheat it we will ban you from the platform.

Why you should post exclusive products

  1. Get your product automatically featured on the front page of the platform.

Great promotion for your product since most of our Youtube ads lead to the front page.

  1. We promote your product on our other Social Media.

We might do so anyway, but this is a good way to get that quicker.

  1. Thumbnails and description layout is provided by us if requested by the user.

Introductory Sales

This guide sets out some requirements regarding Introductory Sales in order for DerCraft to act within the law.

What is an Introductory Sale?

An introductory sale is when a product is released with an immediate sale. Sometimes this is done as a marketing tactic to reward those who subscribe to product updates or create a sense of urgency to buy before the full price is enacted.

Legal requirements of an introductory sale

Must be written plainly and visibly – it cannot be hidden in fine-print or somewhere which the customer may not see without interacting with the page.

The “original price” of the product cannot change to what was set as the “sale price” or similar after the sale has concluded.

The sale must end, and must be stated when it will end.

The sale price cannot be changed after one sale has been performed.

Requirements from DerCraft:

In addition to the legal requirements, we ask this of you to ensure that the marketplace is presentable and fair:

That statement must be written in plain English; for example, “This product is on introductory sale until x”

The statement must include the date, but also written out (13 January 2023 or 13/Jan/2023 not 25/12/2021). This is due to a potential miscommunication with countries displaying their dates differently.

Full example: “This product is on introductory sale until 13 January 2023” or “This product has been released with an introductory offer, which will expire on the 13th January 2023”

After the sale ends, please edit the product to remove the introductory sale statement.

The sale needs to be set up as a “scheduled” sale – after you enter the sale price, a small “schedule” button will appear.

To comply with law, please do not change the original price to the sale price after the sale has ended.

To comply with law, please do not change the sale price after a purchase has been made.

If you are confused about any of this, or want some guidance, contact us!

How to post a product

This guide shows you how to post your first product.

Log in to

Access the Admin Panel

Click on Products

Click Add Product

Make sure to follow the vendor rules, you can find them on the vendor application page.

How to join our team & post your work

We care a lot for the quality of the content that is posted on this website. This does not mean that simple resources are not welcome, we simply demand that they are well made and tested before posted.

DerCraft is not an open marketplace where anyone can post products.


You want to apply and become a vendor? Great! As long as you are old enough to earn an income in your country and you’re in a country where PayPal or Stripe ( our payment gateway) operates, see list of countries on their website.

Create an account here.

Fill in the application form at the bottom of this page.

If you so much as even try to pass someone else’s idea as your own (straight copies) or even worse try to apply using someone else’s files, you will be banned from the website, our Discord and any other community we deal with that wants to listen to our ban reports.

Our whole staff team will review your application.

One of our admins will email you with further questions and/or approve/deny your application.

Once you are approved you can log in and make your own vendor shop and start posting free and premium resources.

General rules for vendors

Do not post work made by other people.

Do not plagiarize (Don’t pretend someone else’s idea is yours).

If your product is based or heavily inspired by someone else’s idea, please credit them.

The download link has to be a direct download, you are not allowed to send the customer to a different website.

If you want to give your customers support over Discord, you can do so from the DerCraft Discord or add your own invite link in a readme.txt file in the product download. So after the customer has purchased they can get the link.

A good example of product description text would be:

“For support please join our discord link you get on purchase, in readme.txt file inside of the pack”

If you upload to our website you allow us to use your product in marketing and showcasing material for the platform.

You can see the full list of rules and other terms in our terms of service page.

What we offer our vendors

We promote the whole community in Server Owner targeted Youtube Video Ads.

We promote the main categories in Google Search Ads.

A safe and quality controlled platform for your resources.

The platform can host normal sized resource files and protects them so only verified customers can download them.

Strong guides on what people currently look for and what the demand / competition looks like number wise.

Guides on how to get your resources more downloads.

A creator Discord where we share ideas for future projects with each other.

Instant payments to your PayPal or Stripe account.

Fees & Pricing

Every sale is legally between the vendor and the customer.

90% of the total value goes straight from the buyer to the Vendor.

5% is paid to affiliates who drive traffic.

5% is paid to the marketplace to cover for marketing and running costs.

Important information

We do not work 24/7 and we get to all applications as soon as we can, which usually takes a few days and in some cases up to a week. So if you want a response from us right away, make sure that you include every piece of information we could ever need/want so we don’t have to ask for more.

We see this application like a job application, so if you don’t put effort in it and show us truly what you can do and have done before you are not so likely to be accepted.

PM’ing staff on our Discord or just simply showing impatience will make you less likely to be accepted to the team.